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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top Prospect Interview: Shawon Dunston Jr.

Interview with AFLAC All-American Shawon Dunston Jr. Dunston really made an impression at the National Showcase at Tropicana Field, and is ranked in the top 50 in the nation.

Sullivan: Congrats on being ranked in the top 50 in the nation. Describe how that feels, and do you feel like you have extra pressure on you to perform when you are at the plate?

Dunston: It feels great and a honor to be considered as one of the best players in my class. Before this summer started I wasn't really known that well outside of California and I just wanted to get notice and I wanted to prove to people what I can do. yes theres extra pressure to perform at the plate not just because I am ranked this high, but also because I am a son of a former major leaguer and people expect more from me and people what to see something impressive.

Having a father who has been to the major leagues, how has that helped you so far in your baseball career?

My dad taught me everything I know with the game of baseball. My dad teaches me most about the mental aspects of the game and that its a grind. he doesn't really care about the results, but more about the little things.

Describe the feeling of being selected to the AFLAC All-American game in San Diego.

I was shocked and so happy when I got selected to the aflac game. I was in Florida for the perfect game national showcase when they told me. I was surprised I was chosen because I wasn't expecting to be named one. but its a honor and I'm blessed and I cant wait for the game.

Who is the best pitcher you have ever faced?

AJ Vanegas, a 7th round pick in this years draft and an aflac all american last year and also Jake Rodriguez a catcher who's going to Oregon State.

Describe the transition after facing the best pitchers in the country in the summer, then returning to high school ball.

The transition was really hard actually because when I came back from Florida to California to play with my high school team it was hard for me to play a game within myself because I knew these pitchers weren't as nearly good than the ones I was facing in Florida. Also when your facing the top pitchers your motivated and you compete to do well. So I had to realize I had to trick my mind and tell myself no matter whom I'm facing that its a challenge and I have to make it a challenge within myself.

Last question, favorite player and favorite team?

The San Francisco giants and my favorite player is BJ Upton and Dexter Fowler.

Monday, July 26, 2010

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Top Prospect Interview: Carson Baranik

Interview with top prospect Carson Baranik. Baranik was recently named to the Under Armour All-American Game, which will be played at Wrigley Field.

Sullivan: Congrats on committing to LSU. What drew you to this school so early, and what other schools were considered?

Baranik: Growing up in Louisiana I just fell in love with the fans and the atmosphere at an early age, when I had the opportunity I knew it was something I would never pass on. Arkansas and Florida were my other two schools I had interest in.

Being ranked in the top 50 in the nation, do you feel extra pressure to perform each time out, and do you feel like you have a target on your back because of it?

No not really I just try to do my best and let god determine everything else.

You were recently named to the Under Armour All-American Game. Describe how that feels and did you ever see yourself pitching on such a big stage?

It feels incredible to have the honer to play in it and I just feel blessed to have the opportunity. I used the Under Armour All-American Game as sort of a motivation, I watched the game and thought how I would like to be apart of that so it was a striving point.

What pitches do you throw? How fast?

four seam has been up to 93-94, two seam is 89-92, slider is 81-84,
spike curve is 77-80 and change is 78-80

Who is the best hitter you have ever faced?

Phillip Evans, Daniel Camerena, Wallace Gonzales

Last question, favorite player and favorite team.

I don't really have a favorite team but my favorite pitchers would
be John Lester, Justin Verlander, Clayton Kershaw, and Matt Garza.

Monday, July 19, 2010

High School Top Tens: RHP

1. Dylan Bundy- Owasso HS

2. Archie Bradley- Muskogee HS

3. Michael Kelly- West Boca HS

4. Dillon Howard- Searcy HS

5. Tyler Beede- Lawrence Academy

6. Dillon Maples- Pinecrest HS

7. Jose Fernandez- Alonso HS

8. Christian Montgomery- Lawrence Central

9. Deshorn Lake- Menchville HS

10. Daniel Mengden- Westside HS

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Top Prospect Interview: Daniel Mengden

Interview with top prospect Daniel Mengden. Mengden is one of the top two-way players in the nation.

Sullivan: First off, congrats on being ranked in the top 50 in the nation. Describe how that feels, and do you find yourself with a target on your back when playing on the national stage against other top players?

Mengden: No, I just take it as another game and whatever happens, happens.

You are a two-way player, is there a position you prefer?

I prefer to pitch.

Being from Houston, how easy was your college choice?

My choice was pretty easy becuase I knew I wanted to stay in texas. I needed to find the right team which is texas a@m, I recently committed there.

After facing the toughest hitters and pitchers in the nation on the summer circuit, how is the transition when going back to HS ball?

A lot easier, most HS pitching and everything is nothing compared to what we face in the summer.

Who is the toughest hitter you have ever faced? toughest pitcher?

John Williamson (lamar) Jordan Stevens (alvin)

What pitches do you throw? Velocities?

I throw 90-92 and touch 93 94 95.. and I throw a knucklecurve, slider, and a split finger fastball

Last question, favorite player and favorite team?

Lance Berkman and the Boston Red Sox.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

High School Top Tens: LHP

A very interesting group of lefties. Norris has the potential to go in the first five picks of the draft. Owens has loads of potential at 6'6, 195. One of my favorite players in this year's draft is two-way prospect, Daniel Camarena.

1. Daniel Norris- Science Hill HS

2. Henry Owens- Edison HS

3. Phillip Pfeifer- Farragut HS

4. Billy Flamion- Central Catholic HS

5. Daniel Camarena- Cathedral Catholic HS

6. Andrew Suarez- Columbus HS

7. Cody Glenn- Westbury Christian HS

8. Andrew Chin- Buckingham, Browne and Nichols

9. Dillon Peters- Cathedral HS

10. Cody Kukuk- Free State HS

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top Prospect Interview: Dillon Maples

Interview with one of the top pitching prospects in the nation, Dillon Maples. Maples currently ranks in at #16 in the nation by Perfect Game.

Sullivan: First off, congrats on being ranked in the top 20 in the nation. Describe how that feels, and do you find yourself with a target on your back when playing on the national stage against other top players?

Maples: Thanks, I fell blessed to be among the top 20 in the country.

Being from North Carolina, was it an easy decision to choose to be a tarheel?

It was a pretty tough actually. I had it narrowed down down to ECU and UNC for the longest time and when it I made my decision I felt relieve.

After facing the toughest hitters in the nation on the summer circuit, how is the transition when going back to HS ball?

I just have to keep pitching like I know how to and not focus on the batters.

Do you try not to notice the scouts at every start, or do they amp you up when you're on the hill?

I try not to notice them but its hard not to sometimes.

What pitches do you throw? Velocities?

Fastball 92 to 96, slider 79 to 82, and change up 82 to 84.

Last question, favorite player and favorite team?

I don't really have a favorite team I just like a lot of players. My favorite player would have to be David Price and Mariano Rivera

Monday, July 12, 2010

High School Top Tens: Outfielders

Here is my look at the top ten outfielders. Coming up next will be corner INF, followed by LHPs and RHPs. Be sure to check back regularly!

1. Travis Harrison- Tustin HS

2. Dwight Smith- McIntosh HS

3. Bubba Starling- Gardner-Edgerton HS

4. Larry Greene- Barrien County HS

5. Jake Cave- Kecoughtan HS

6. Wallace Gonzalez- Bishop Amat HS

7. Jeff Driskel- Hagerty HS

8. Eric Snyder- Edison HS

9. Dakota Smith- Lansing HS

10. Shawon Dunston- Valley Christian HS

Saturday, July 10, 2010

High School Top Tens: Middle Infield

There is a lot to like this year for middle infield prospects. A good combination of tools, with many of these players showing impressive power at the National Showcase. By the time the draft rolls around, there could be four or five players from this bunch that find themselves in the first round of the draft.

1. Joshua Tobias- SE Guilford HS

2. Christian Lopes- Edison HS

3. Francisco Lindor- Montverde HS

4. Tyler Greene- Roswell HS

5. Phillip Evans- LaCosta Canyon HS

6. Dante Bichette- Orangewood Christian HS

7. Chris McFarland- Lufkin HS

8. Matthew Dean- The Colony HS

9. Austin Slater- Bolles School

10. Shon Carson- Lake City HS

Friday, July 9, 2010

High School Top Tens: Catcher

I will start doing a day by day overview of the top ten players at each position for the upcoming High School class. Here is how the catcher position looks as of right now.

1. Blake Swihart- Cleveland HS

2. Austin Hedges- J Serra HS

3. Daniel Mengden- Westside HS

4. Brandon Sedell- American Heritage HS

5. Cameron Gallagher- Manheim Township HS

6. Nick Delmonico- Farragut HS

7. BreShon Kimbell- Mesquite HS

8. Tyler Marlette- Hagerty HS

9. Elvin Soto- Xaverian HS

10. Garrett Boulware- TL Hanna HS

Monday, July 5, 2010

2011 Top 50 High School Prospects

I have seen nearly all of these players play at the National Showcase or at other events. I have watched countless hours of video on every player as well. It is still a year away, but this is how I rank the top 50 HS players as of right now. It may be extremely preliminary, but that is what makes it so much fun to see where the players end up in the draft. Enjoy!

1. Daniel Norris- LHP, Science Hill HS

2. Dylan Bundy- RHP, Owasso HS

3. Archie Bradley- RHP, Muskogee HS

4. Travis Harrison- OF, Tustin HS

5. Michael Kelly- RHP, West Boca HS

6. Dillon Howard- RHP, Searcy HS

7. Joshua Tobias- 2B, SE Guilford HS

8. Blake Swihart- C, Cleveland HS

9. Tyler Beede- RHP, Lawrence Academy

10. Henry Owens- LHP, Edison HS

11. Christian Lopes- SS, Edison HS

12. Dillon Maples- RHP, Pinecrest HS

13. Jose Fernandez- RHP, Alonso HS

14. Francisco Lindor- SS, Montverde HS

15. Tyler Greene- SS, Roswell HS

16. Dwight Smith- OF, McIntosh HS

17. Christian Montgomery- RHP, Lawrence Central

18. Bubba Starling- OF/RHP, Gardner-Edgerton HS

19. Larry Greene- OF, Barrien County HS

20. Phillip Evans- SS, LaCosta Canyon HS

21. Philip Pfeifer- LHP, Farragut HS

22. Deshorn Lake- RHP, Menchville HS

23. Austin Hedges- C, J Serra HS

24. Daniel Mengden- RHP/C, Westside HS

25. John Magliozzi- RHP, Dexter HS

26. Dylan Davis- RHP, Redmond HS

27. Jake Cave- OF, Kecoughtan HS

28. Dante Bichette- SS, Orangewood Christian HS

29. Chris McFarland- SS, Lufkin HS

30. John Curtiss- RHP, Carroll HS

31. Joe Ross- RHP, Bishop O'Dowd HS

32. Robert Stephenson- RHP, Alhambra HS

33. Wallace Gonzalez- OF, Bishop Amat HS

34. Brandon Sedell- C, American Heritage HS

35. Tyler Goeddel- 3B, St. Francis HS

36. Billy Flamion- LHP, Central Catholic

37. Daniel Camarena- OF/LHP, Cathedral HS

38. Hudson Boyd- RHP, Bishop Verot HS

39. Adam Griffin- RHP, Forsyth Day HS

40. Cameron Gallagher- C, Manheim Township HS

41. Jeff Driskel- OF/RHP, Hagerty HS

42. Nick Delmonico- C, Farragut HS

43. Matt Dean- SS/RHP, Colony HS

44. Sean Trent- OF, Bishop Moore HS

45. Andrew Suarez- LHP, Columbus HS

46. Austin Slater- SS, Bolles School

47. BreShon Kimbell- 1B, Mesquite HS

48. Carson Baranik- RHP, Parkway HS

49. Eric Snyder- OF, Edison HS

50. Hawtin Buchanan- RHP, Biloxi HS

Sunday, July 4, 2010

2010 Team USA 18U Final Roster Announced

Albert Almora- OF, Hialeah, Fla.

Daniel Camarena- LHP/IF, Bonita, Calif.

Nicky Delmonico- IF, Knoxville, Tenn.

John Hochstatter- LHP, Danville, Calif.

Francisco Lindor- IF, Clermont, Fla.

Marcus Littlewood- IF, Saint George, Utah

Christian Lopes- IF, Canyon Country, Calif.

Michael Lorenzen- OF, Anaheim, Calif.

Dillon Maples- RHP, West End, N.C.

Lance McCullers- RHP/IF, Tampa, Fla.

Christian Montgomery- RHP, Indianapolis, Ind.

Henry Owens- LHP, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Phillip Pfeifer- LHP, Knoxville, Tenn.

Brian Ragira- OF, Arlington, Texas

John Simms- RHP, The Woodlands, Texas

Elvin Soto- C, New York, N.Y.

Derek "Bubba" Starling- OF/RHP, Gardner, Kan.

Blake Swihart- C, Rio Rancho, N.M.

A.J. Vanegas- RHP, Alameda, Calif.

Tony Wolters- IF, Vista, Calif.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Top Prospect Interview: Mikal Hill

Interview with one of the top prospects in this year's high school class. Hill is currently ranked 92nd in the nation by Perfect Game.

Sullivan Question: You were one of the first players in class to commit. What drew you to South Carolina?

Mikal Hill : what drew me to usc was the fact that they had a tradition of being good, and there incredible fan base. and also i believe ill get some play early. on.

After a long summer of facing the toughest pitchers in the country, what is the transition like when facing the pitchers you see during the high school season?

When i see high school pitching after the summer I feel that I almost cant get out. if I can hit 94 good then I can def hit mid 80s

Who is the toughest pitcher you have faced so far in your career?

toughest pitcher I think would be Dillon Maples or John Magliozzi from east cobb braves

Do you keep in touch with any other top players in the nation that you have met from playing in so many events on the national stage?

I do keep in touch with alot through facebook.

Last question, who is your favorite player and what is your favorite team?

favorite players would prob be j-roll, hanley ramirez, and roby cano. favoite team braves

Friday, July 2, 2010

2010 AFLAC All-American Game Rosters Released

East team

Javier Baez, Arlington Country Day School (Jacksonville, FL)

Tyler Beede, Lawrence Academy (Auburn, MA)

Jake Cave, Kecoughtan High School (Hampton, VA)

Jose Fernandez, Alonso High School (Tampa, FL)

Cameron Gallagher, Manheim Township High School (Lancaster, PA)

Larry Greene, Berrien High School (Nashville, GA)

Michael Kelly, West Boca Raton High School (Boynton Beach, FL)

Deshorn Lake, Menchville High School (Newport News, VA)

Francisco Lindor, Montverde Academy (Clermont, FL)

John Magliozzi, Dexter School (Milton, MA)

Dillon Maples, Pinecrest High School (West End, NC)

Tyler Marlette, Hagerty High School (Oviedo, FL)

Daniel Norris, Science Hill High School (Johnson City, TN)

Philip Pfeifer, Farragut High School (Knoxville, TN)

Brandon Sedell, American Heritage School (Davie, FL)

Austin Slater, The Bolles School (Jacksonville, FL)

Andrew Suarez, Christopher Columbus High School (Miami, FL)

Josh Tobias, Southeast Guilford High School (Greensboro, NC)

Sean Trent, Bishop Moore Catholic High School (Maitland, FL)

West Team

Archie Bradley, Broken Arrow High School (Broken Arrow, OK)

Dylan Bundy, Owasso High School (Owasso, OK)

Daniel Camarena, Cathedral Catholic High School (Bonita, CA)

Dylan Davis, Redmond High School (Redmond, WA)

Matthew Dean, The Colony High School (Highland Village, TX)

Shawon Dunston, Valley Christian High School (Fremont, CA)

Phillip Evans, La Costa Canyon High School (Carlsbad, CA)

William Flamion, Central Catholic High School (Modesto, CA)

Travis Harrison, Tustin High School (Aliso Viejo, CA)

Austin Hedges, Serra Catholic High School (San Juan Capistrano, CA)

Dillon Howard, Searcy High School (Searcy, AR)

Ricky Jacquez, Franklin High School (El Paso, TX)

Christian Lopes, Edison High School (Huntington Beach, CA)

Daniel Mengden, Westside High School (Houston, TX)

Christian Montgomery, Lawrence Central High School (Indianapolis, IN)

Henry Owens, Edison High School (Huntington Beach, CA)

Joe Ross, Bishop O’Dowd High School (Oakland, CA)

Robert Stephenson, Alhambra High School (Martinez, CA)

Blake Swihart, V. Sue Cleveland High School (Rio Rancho, NM)