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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sully's 2012 MLB Draft Top 70 Prospects

Time for the first draft list of the season. A lot will change in nine months, but that's what makes it fun!

1. Lucas Giolito- RHP, Harvard-Westlake HS
2. Byron Buxton- OF, Appling County HS
3. Mark Appel- RHP, Stanford
4. Nick Williams- OF, Galveston Ball HS
5. Kevin Gausman- RHP, LSU
6. Deven Marrero- SS, Arizona State
7. Mike Zunino- C, Florida
8. Lance McCullers Jr- RHP, Jesuit HS
9. Walker Weickel- RHP, Olympia HS
10. Victor Roache- OF, Georgia Southern
11. Taylore Cherry- RHP, Vandalia Butler
12. Chris Beck- RHP, Georgia Southern
13. Joey Gallo- 3B/RHP, Bishop Gorman HS
14. Max Fried- LHP, Harvard-Westlake HS
15. Carlos Correa- SS, PRBA
16. Trey Williams- 3B, Valencia HS
17. Duane Underwood- RHP, Pope HS
18. Michael Wacha- RHP, Texas A&M
19. Lucas Sims- RHP, Brookwood HS
20. David Dahl- OF, Oak Mountain HS
21. Hunter Virant- LHP, Camarillo HS
22. Gavin Cecchini- SS, Barbe HS
23. Stryker Trahan- C, Acadiana HS
24. Marcus Stroman- RHP, Duke
25. Rio Ruiz- OF, Bishop Amat HS
26. Brian Johnson- LHP/1B, Florida
27. Matt Smoral- LHP, Solon HS
28. Addison Russell- INF, Pace HS
29. Travis Jankowski- OF, Stony Brook
30. Kenny Diekroger- SS, Stanford
31. Ryan McNeil- RHP, Nipomo HS
32. Cody Poteet- RHP, Christian HS
33. Anthony Alford- OF, Petal HS
34. Nolan Sanburn- RHP, Arkansas
35. Clate Schmidt- RHP, Allatoona HS
36. Jose Orlando Berrios- RHP, Juan XXIII
37. Kyle Zimmer- RHP, San Francisco
38. Lewis Brinson- OF, Coral Springs HS
39. Jesse Winker- OF, Olympia HS
40. Josh Henderson- OF, Home School
41. Josh Elander- C, TCU
42. Ty Hensley- RHP, Santa Fe HS
43. Carson Fulmer- RHP, All Saints Academy
44. Jesmuel Valentin Diaz- SS, PRBA
45. Jake Barrett-RHP, Arizona State
46. Courtney Hawkins- OF, Carroll HS
47. Jameis Winston- OF/RHP, Hueytown HS
48. Branden Kliine-RHP, Virginia
49. Stephen Piscotty-3B, Stanford
50. Mitchell Traver- RHP, Houston Christian HS
51. Tanner Rahier- RHP/INF, Palm Desert HS
52. Rhett Wiseman-OF, BB&N HS
53. Albert Almora- OF, Mater Academy
54. Alex Bregman-INF, Albq. Academy
55. Nolan Fontana-SS, Florida
54. Richie Shaffer- 3B, Clemson
55. Keon Barnum, OF, King HS
56. Tyler Naquin- OF, Texas A&M
57. Christian Walker- 1B, South Carolina
58. Ryan Burr-RHP, Highlands Ranch HS
59. Lex Rutledge- LHP, Samford
60. Tomas Nido-C, Orangewood Christian HS
61. Kayden Porter- RHP, Spanish Fork HS
62. Brandon Thomas- OF, Georgia Tech
63. Carson Kelly- 3B/RHP, Westview HS
64. Corey Seager- 3B, NW Cabarrus HS
65. Austin Fairchild- LHP, St. Thomas HS
66. Nelson Rodriguez- C, GW HS
67. Wyatt Mathisen- C. Calallen HS
68. Hudson Randall- RHP, Florida
69. Matthew Crownover- LHP, Ringgold HS
70. Peter O'Brien- C, Miami

Thursday, August 25, 2011

2012 MLB Draft Top 50 High School Prospects

This summer I went to the National Showcase, Prospect Classic, and the Under Armour All-American Game. Here is my updated top 50 HS prospects.

1. Lucas Giolito-RHP, Harvard-Westlake HS

2. Nick Williams-OF, Galveston Ball HS

3. Lance McCullers, Jr. - RHP, Jesuit HS

4. Byron Buxton- OF, Appling County HS

5. Joey Gallo- 1B/RHP, Bishop Gorman HS

6. Trey Williams-3B, Valencia HS

7. Walker Weickel-RHP, Olympia HS

8. Duane Underwood- RHP, Pope HS

9. Taylore Cherry- RHP, Vandalia Butler HS

10. Carlos Correa- SS, PRBA

11. Lucas Sims- RHP, Brookwood HS

12. Addison Russell- SS, Pace HS

13. Matthew Smoral- LHP, Solon HS

14. Max Fried- LHP, Harvard-Westlake HS

15. Stryker Trahan- C, Acadiana HS

16. Rio Ruiz- OF, Bishop Amat HS

17. Josh Henderson-OF, Virginia Home School

18. Hunter Virant-LHP, Camarillo HS

19. Cody Poteet- RHP, Christian HS

20. CJ Hinojosa, INF, Klein Collins HS

21. Anthony Alford- OF, Petal HS

22. Clate Schmidt- RHP, Allatoona HS

23. David Dahl, OF, Oak Mountain HS

24. Carson Fulmer- RHP, All Saints Academy

25. Jesse Winker- OF, Olympia HS

26. Rhett Wiseman- OF, BB&N HS

27. Tanner Rahier, INF/RHP, Palm Desert HS

28. Mitchell Traver-RHP, Houston Christian HS

29. Courtney Hawkins- OF, Carroll HS

30. Jose Orlando Berrios- RHP, Juan XXIII

31. Albert Almora- OF, Mater Academy

32. Ty Hensley-RHP, Santa Fe HS

33. Keon Barnum-OF, King HS

34. Gavin Cecchini- INF, Barbe HS

35. Alex Bregman- INF, Albq. Academy

36. Ryan Burr-RHP, Highlands Ranch

37. Lewis Brinson-OF, Coral Springs HS

38. Jameis Winston OF/RHP, Hueytown HS

39. Kayden Porter- RHP, Spanish Fork HS

40. Austin Fairchild- LHP, St. Thomas HS

41. Nelson Rodriguez- C, George Washington HS

42. Matthew Crownover- LHP, Ronggold Hs

43. Jesmuel Valentin- INF, PRBA

44. Tomas Nido- C, Orangewood Christian

45. Ryan McNeil- RHP, Nipomo HS

46. Steven Golden- OF, St. Francis HS

47. Ty Buttrey- RHP, Providence HS

48. Nick Travieso- RHP, Archbishop McCarthy HS

49. Carson Kelly- RHP/INF, Westview HS

50. Wyatt Mathisen- C, Calallen HS

Sunday, June 5, 2011


1. Pittsburgh Pirates- Gerrit Cole- RHP, UCLA
All reports show the Pirates leaning towards Cole. Hultzen's name is still being floated around here too.

2. Seattle Mariners- Anthony Rendon- 3B, Rice
The Mariners are heavily leaning towards a bat, and Rendon is the best in the draft. Rumors of Lindor here, but I see them going with Rendon.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks-Danny Hultzen- LHP, Virginia
Hultzen still has a chance to go 1-1, but Arizona has been on him all spring, and if he's available here, he should be their pick.

4. Baltimore Orioles- Dylan Bundy- RHP Owasso HS
Bundy has been linked to the Orioles for a while. Trevor Bauer is still in the mix.

5. Kansas City Royals- Trevor Bauer- RHP, UCLA
Royals fans are praying for Starling, and he still has a chance to go here. They will most likely go with the college pitcher, however.

6. Washington Nationals- Bubba Starling- OF, Gardner-Edgerton HS
Could you imagine three straight drafts of Strasburg, Harper, and Starling? WOW.

7. Arizona Diamondbacks- Sonny Gray- RHP, Vanderbilt
Really tough to say which way they are going to go here. Fransisco Lindor, Matt Barnes, and Archie Bradley are in the mix as well.

8. Cleveland Indians- Jed Bradley- LHP, Georgia Tech
I see them taking the college pitcher here. Gray would be an option if he makes it here.

9. Chicago Cubs- Archie Bradley- RHP, Broken Arrow HS
They prefer Starling, but it doesn't look like he will fall here. Javier Baez and Mikie Mahtook have also been linked with Chicago.

10. San Diego Padres- George Springer- OF, UCONN
Cory Spangenberg has been linked with the Padres lately, but I see that more for the 25th pick, if he makes it there. Springer's teammate Matt Barnes is also a strong possibility here.

11. Houston Astros- Taylor Jungmann- RHP, Texas
Most likely leaning towards a college pitcher if Bradley isn't available. Rumors have them linked to Stanford LHP Chris Reed as well.

12. Milwaukee Brewers- Mikie Mahtook- OF, LSU
Mahtook and Javier Baez seem to be the top two on their list if this scenario played out.

13. New York Mets- Matt Barnes, RHP, Spring Valley HS
They are all over Jungmann and Gray, but if Barnes is still available, he would be high on their list. Guerrieri and Levi Michael are still an option.

14. Florida Marlins- Cory Spangenberg- OF, Indian River JC
If Mahtook is here, he might be the pick. In this case, Spangenberg is the pick.

15. Milwaukee Brewers- Javier Baez- INF, Arlington Day School
Guerrieri is also in the mix, but they have been on Baez for a while.

16. Los Angeles Dodgers- Robert Stephenson- RHP, Alhambra HS
Stephenson rumors are strong for this pick. Should sign for slot.

17. Los Angeles Angels- Fransisco Lindor- SS, Montverde Academy
They would love a shot at him. He seems to be at the top of their board.

18. Oakland Athletics- Daniel Norris- LHP, Science Hill HS
They would love Springer to fall to 18. Norris is a fantastic HS arm.

19. Boston Red Sox- Josh Bell- OF, Dallas Jesuit HS
Bell is going to take a lot of money, but that won't scare them off.

20. Colorado Rockies- C.J. Cron- 1B, Utah
They seem to be on Cron and Kolten Wong.

21. Toronto Blue Jays- Levi Michael- SS, UNC
Seems to be the popular pick. Safer college player.

22. St. Louis Cardinals- Taylor Guerrieri- RHP, Spring Valley HS
His talent alone could put him in the top ten, but questions about his price and makeup push him down.

23. Washington Nationals- Alex Meyer, RHP, Kentucky
Early rumors had the Nationals considering him at 6, so at 23 he would probably be near the top of their list.

24. Tampa Bay Rays- Jose Fernandez- RHP, Alonso HS
the first of many picks for the rays. Local arm who shouldn't be a tough sign.

25. San Diego Padres- Tyler Anderson- LHP, Oregon
Safer college arm who should sign for slot.

26. Boston Red Sox- Blake Swihart- C, Cleveland HS
They are also heavily linked to Brandon Nimmo as well, but with them taking Bell at 19, I'll lean towards the catcher.

27. Cincinnati Reds- Sean Gilmartin- LHP, Florida State
Also on Stephenson, but Gilmartin seems to be the pick.

28. Atlanta Braves- Henry Owens- LHP, Edison HS
They prefer the best HS arm that falls.

29. San Fransisco Giants- Joe Ross- RHP, Bishop O'Dowd HS
CA arm that could go much higher.

30. Minnesota Twins- Kolten Wong- 2B, Hawaii
Safer college bat. He can hit, but if Anderson or Gilmartin make it here, they are options.

31. Tampa Bay Rays- Brandon Nimmo- OF, Cheyenne East HS
He could go to Boston, but if he's here, he could be their pick.

32. Tampa Bay Rays- Brian Goodwin- OF, Miami Dade JC
Been linked to him for a while with one of their many picks.

33. Texas Rangers- Dillon Howard- RHP, Searcy HS
One of the top prep arms. Could be a tough sign.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 MLB Mock Draft

Now that the draft is just over two months away, it's about time for a new mock! Thanks for reading!

1. Pirates- Gerrit Cole, RHP, UCLA

2. Mariners- Anthony Rendon, 3B, Rice

3. Diamondbacks- Sonny Gray, RHP, Vanderbilt

4. Orioles- Dylan Bundy, RHP, Owasso HS

5. Royals- Bubba Starling, OF, Gardner-Edgerton HS

6. Nationals- Matt Purke, LHP, TCU

7. Diamondbacks- Danny Hultzen, LHP, Virginia

8. Indians- Matt Barnes, RHP, UCONN

9. Cubs- Taylor Jungmann, RHP, Texas

10. Padres- George Springer, OF, UCONN

11. Astros- Taylor Guerreri, RHP, Spring Valley HS

12. Brewers- Daniel Norris, LHP, Science Hill HS

13. Mets- Archie Bradley, RHP, Broken Arrow HS

14. Marlins- Francisco Lindor, SS, Montverde HS

15. Brewers- John Stilson, RHP, Texas AM

16. Dodgers- Jed Bradley, LHP, Georgia Tech

17. Angels- Dillon Howard, RHP, Searcy HS

18. Athletics- Blake Swihart, C, Cleveland HS

19. Red Sox- Andrew Susac, C, Oregon State

20. Rockies- Mikie Mahtook, OF, LSU

21. Blue Jays- Trevor Bauer, RHP, UCLA

22. Cardinals- Henry Owens, LHP, Edison HS

23. Nationals- Jackie Bradley Jr. , OF, South Carolina

24. Rays- Jose Fernandez, RHP, Alonso HS

25. Padres- Tyler Anderson, LHP, Oregon

26. Red Sox- Josh Bell, OF, Jesuit HS

27. Reds- Javier Baez, SS, Arlington Day HS

28. Braves- Robert Stephenson, RHP, Alhambra HS

29. Giants- Jason Esposito, INF, Vanderbilt

30. Twins- Alex Meyer, RHP, Kentucky

31. Rays- Tyler Beede, RHP, Lawrence Academy

32. Rays- Travis Harrison, OF, Tustin HS

33. Rangers- Michael Kelly, RHP, West Boca HS

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Be sure to check in within the next couple days. I will be releasing my 2011 HS top 150, 2012 top 75 and 2013 top ten! I will be adding interviews, a mock draft and a college top 50 prospects as well!