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Monday, July 5, 2010

2011 Top 50 High School Prospects

I have seen nearly all of these players play at the National Showcase or at other events. I have watched countless hours of video on every player as well. It is still a year away, but this is how I rank the top 50 HS players as of right now. It may be extremely preliminary, but that is what makes it so much fun to see where the players end up in the draft. Enjoy!

1. Daniel Norris- LHP, Science Hill HS

2. Dylan Bundy- RHP, Owasso HS

3. Archie Bradley- RHP, Muskogee HS

4. Travis Harrison- OF, Tustin HS

5. Michael Kelly- RHP, West Boca HS

6. Dillon Howard- RHP, Searcy HS

7. Joshua Tobias- 2B, SE Guilford HS

8. Blake Swihart- C, Cleveland HS

9. Tyler Beede- RHP, Lawrence Academy

10. Henry Owens- LHP, Edison HS

11. Christian Lopes- SS, Edison HS

12. Dillon Maples- RHP, Pinecrest HS

13. Jose Fernandez- RHP, Alonso HS

14. Francisco Lindor- SS, Montverde HS

15. Tyler Greene- SS, Roswell HS

16. Dwight Smith- OF, McIntosh HS

17. Christian Montgomery- RHP, Lawrence Central

18. Bubba Starling- OF/RHP, Gardner-Edgerton HS

19. Larry Greene- OF, Barrien County HS

20. Phillip Evans- SS, LaCosta Canyon HS

21. Philip Pfeifer- LHP, Farragut HS

22. Deshorn Lake- RHP, Menchville HS

23. Austin Hedges- C, J Serra HS

24. Daniel Mengden- RHP/C, Westside HS

25. John Magliozzi- RHP, Dexter HS

26. Dylan Davis- RHP, Redmond HS

27. Jake Cave- OF, Kecoughtan HS

28. Dante Bichette- SS, Orangewood Christian HS

29. Chris McFarland- SS, Lufkin HS

30. John Curtiss- RHP, Carroll HS

31. Joe Ross- RHP, Bishop O'Dowd HS

32. Robert Stephenson- RHP, Alhambra HS

33. Wallace Gonzalez- OF, Bishop Amat HS

34. Brandon Sedell- C, American Heritage HS

35. Tyler Goeddel- 3B, St. Francis HS

36. Billy Flamion- LHP, Central Catholic

37. Daniel Camarena- OF/LHP, Cathedral HS

38. Hudson Boyd- RHP, Bishop Verot HS

39. Adam Griffin- RHP, Forsyth Day HS

40. Cameron Gallagher- C, Manheim Township HS

41. Jeff Driskel- OF/RHP, Hagerty HS

42. Nick Delmonico- C, Farragut HS

43. Matt Dean- SS/RHP, Colony HS

44. Sean Trent- OF, Bishop Moore HS

45. Andrew Suarez- LHP, Columbus HS

46. Austin Slater- SS, Bolles School

47. BreShon Kimbell- 1B, Mesquite HS

48. Carson Baranik- RHP, Parkway HS

49. Eric Snyder- OF, Edison HS

50. Hawtin Buchanan- RHP, Biloxi HS

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