Special Assignment Scout

Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 MLB Draft Top 200 Rankings

1. Sean Manaea- LHP, Indiana State
6'5 LHP dominated on the cape, topping out at 96

2. Clint Frazier- OF, Loganville HS
Top ranked HS player shows all 5 tools. Elite bat

3. Reese McGuire- C, Kentwood HS
Left-handed hitting catcher with elite defensive ability

4. Mark Appel- RHP, Stanford
Drafted 8th overall last year, decided to return to Stanford for his senior season

5. Ryne Stanek- RHP, Arkansas
Big RHP with a tremendous fastball/slider mix. Up to 96

6. Kohl Stewart- RHP, St. Pius HS
Top HS arm in the draft, also committed to Texas A&M as a QB

7. J.P. Crawford- SS, Lakewood HS
Battles Mercado as the top SS in the draft

8. Oscar Mercado- SS, Gaither HS
Elite defensive SS who is a lock to stay there at the next level

9. Trey Ball- OF/LHP, New Castle HS
True two-way talent who could go first round as a LHP or outfielder

10. Austin Meadows- OF, Grayson HS
Will battle Frazier all year to be the top prep OF selected

11. Jonathon Crawford- RHP, Florida
College RHP, sits mid 90s

12. Bobby Wahl- RHP, Ole Miss
 Another college RHP is a tick behind top 3 college arms, but looks like a mid-first pick

13. Dominic Smith- 1B, Serra HS
Might be the best hitter in the class. Gold Glove potential at 1B

14. Jon Denney- C, Yukon HS
 Came on late in the summer, showing impressive power

15. Kris Bryant- 3B, San Diego
Best power among the college bats

16. Austin Wilson- OF, Stanford
A top prospect out of HS as well. Massive power

17. Colin Moran- 3B, North Carolina
Best pure hitter in the college class

18. Karsten Whitson- RHP, Florida
 A first round pick out of HS, still has great stuff

19. Brian Navarreto- C, Arlington Country Day HS
Fantastic defensive catcher with a good bat. Runs well for a catcher

20. Trevor Williams- RHP, Arizona State
Big RHP sits low 90s

21.  Rob Kaminsky- LHP, St. Joseph HS
Small LHP with big stuff. Dominated all summer

22. Jordan Sheffield- RHP, Tullahoma HS
 Touched 98 at WWBA

23. Casey Shane- RHP, Centennial HS
 6'4, 200 RHP from Texas, sits 89-92

24. Carlos Salazar- RHP, Kerman HS
 Sat 92-95 at the biggest event of the summer. Could move up a lot by draft day

25. D.J. Peterson- 3B, New Mexico
 Corner INF with plus power in a class thin with college bats

26. Phil Ervin- OF, Samford
27. Nick Ciuffo- C, Lexington HS
28. Justin Williams- OF, Terrebonne HS
29. Ryan Boldt- OF, Red Wing HS
30. Jan Hernandez- SS, Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy
31. Ian Clarkin- LHP, James Madison HS
32. Jeremy Martinez- C, Mater Dei HS
33. Tyler Danish- RHP, Durant HS
34. Marco Gonzales- LHP, Gonzaga
35. Aaron Judge- OF, Fresno State
36. Jonah Wesely- LHP, Tracy HS
37. Dylan Covey- RHP, San Diego
38. John Sternagel- 3B, Rockledge HS
39. Michael Lorenzen- OF, Cal State Fullerton
40. Dustin Driver- RHP, Wenatchee HS
41. Ryan Eades- RHP, LSU
42. Aaron Blair- RHP, Marshall
43. Clinton Hollon- RHP, Woodford County HS
44. Rowdy Tellez- 1B, Elk Grove HS
45. Andy McGuire- SS, James Madison HS
46. A.J. Vanegas- RHP, Stanford
47. Eric Jagielo- 3B, Notre Dame
48. Colby Suggs- RHP, Arkansas
49. Dillon Overton- LHP, Oklahoma
50. Scott Frazier- RHP, Pepperdine
51. Brett Morales- RHP, King HS
52. Jacoby Jones- INF, LSU
53. Zack Collins- C/1B, American Heritage HS
54. Kevin Ziomek- LHP, Vanderbilt
55. Stephen Gonsalves- LHP, Cathedral Catholic HS
56. Trey Williams- 3B, College of the Canyons
57. Teddy Stankiewicz- RHP, Seminole State
58. Nick Longhi- 1B, Venice HS
59. Cavan Biggio- 3B, St. Thomas HS
60. Tom Windle- LHP, Minnesota
61. AJ Bogucki- RHP, Boyertown Area HS
62. Chris Okey- C, Eustis HS
63. Aaron Brown- LHP/OF, Pepperdine
64. Hunter Renfroe- OF, Miss St.
65. Brian Ragira- OF, Stanford
66. Kent Emanuel- LHP, North Carolina
67. Jason Hursh- RHP, Oklahoma State
68. Andrew Knapp- C, California
69. Corey Knebel- RHP, Texas
70. Dale Carey- OF, Miami
71. Travis Demeritte- 3B, Winder Barrow HS
72. Adam Plutko- RHP, UCLA
73. Hunter Harvey- RHP, Bandys HS
74. Dan Slania- RHP, Notre Dame
75. Alex Balog- RHP, San Francisco
76. Cord Sandberg- OF, Manatee HS
77. Trey Masek- RHP, Texas Tech
78. Jared King- OF, Kansas State
79. Kevin Franklin- 3B, Gahr HS
80. Billy McKinney- OF, Plano West HS
81. Konner Wade- RHP, Arizona
82. Conrad Gregor- 1B, Vanderbilt
83. AJ Puk- LHP/1B, Washington HS
84. Chris Oakley- RHP, St. Augustine HS
85. Garrett Williams- LHP, Calvary Baptist HS
86. Stephen Alemais- SS, All Hallows HS
87. Chase Johnson- RHP, Cal Poly
88. Chris Rivera- SS/RHP, El Dorado HS
89. Chad Pinder- 3B, Virginia Tech
90. Jason Monda- OF, Washington
91. Keegan Thompson- RHP, Cullman HS
92. Kyle Finnegan- RHP, Texas State
93. Dominic Ficociello- 1B, Arkansas
94. Wesley Jones- SS, Redan HS
95. Jake Brentz- LHP, Parkway South HS
96. Mike Mayers- RHP, Ole Miss
97. John Simms- RHP, Rice
98. Ronnie Healy- C/RHP, Jupiter HS
99. Dan Child- RHP, Oregon State
100. Willie Abreu- OF, Mater Academy
101. Dylan Manwaring- 3B/RHP, Horseheads HS
102. Josh Hart- OF, Parkway HS
103. Derik Beauprez- RHP, Cherry Creek HS
104. Kevin Davis- RHP, T.R. Miller HS
105. Corey Simpson- C, Sweeny HS
106. Alex Haines- LHP, Seton Hill
107. Ryder Jones- SS/RHP, Stillwater HS
108. Joe Dudek- 1B, Christian Brothers Academy
109. Billy Roth- OF, Vista HS
110. Anfernee Grier- SS, Russell County HS
111. Connor Jones- RHP, Great Bridge HS
112. Chris Anderson- RHP, Jacksonville
113. Jacob May-OF, Coastal Carolina
114. Ryan McMahon- 3B, Mater Dei HS
115. Andrew Mitchell- RHP, TCU
116. Sheldon Neuse- RHP/SS, Fossil Ridge HS
117. Josh Dezse- RHP/1B, Ohio State
118. Matt McPhearson- OF, Riverdale Baptist HS
119. Jonathan Gray- RHP, Oklahoma
120. Terry McClure- OF, Riverwood HS
121. Daniel Palka- OF, Georgia Tech
122. Braden Shipley-RHP, Nevada
123. Ben Lively- RHP, Central Florida
124. Dane McFarland- OF, J Serra HS
125. Jarret DeHart- OF, Shawnee HS
126. Connor Heady- SS, North Oldham HS
127. Brandon Thomas- OF, Georgia Tech
128. Dalton Dulin- MIF, Memphis University School
129. Jared Brasher- RHP, Pell City HS
130. Ben Wetzler- LHP, Oregon State
131. Corey Littrell- LHP, Kentucky
132. Nicholas Banks- OF/LHP, Tomball HS
133. Brandon Trinkwon- SS, UC Santa Barbara
134. Bryce Harman- 1B, LC Bird HS
135. Johneshwy Fargas- OF, PRBA
136. Edwin Diaz- SS, Martinez Ortero HS
136. Mark Armstrong- RHP, Clarence Senior HS
137. Barrett Astin- RHP, Arkansas
138. Dustin  Hagy- RHP, Trinity Christian Academy
139.  Michael Wagner- RHP, San Diego
140. Thomas Milone- OF, Masuk HS
141. KJ Woods- OF, Fort Mill HS\
142. Nicholas Buckner- OF, North Shore HS
143. Robert Tyler- RHP, Crisp County HS
144. Matt Boyd- LHP, Oregon State
145. Austin Kubitza- RHP, Rice
146. Kramer Robertson- MIF, Midway HS
147. Stephen Tarpley- LHP, Scottsdale CC
148. Tyler Horan- OF, Virginia Tech
149. Brett Hanewich- RHP, IMG Academies
150. Eugene Vazquez- OF, Timbercreek HS
151. Justin Topa- RHP, Long Island
152. Adrian De Horta-RHP, South Hills HS
153. Daniel Gibson- LHP, Florida
154. Hunter Dozier- SS, Stephen F. Austin
155. Andy Honiotes- RHP, Geneva Community HS
156. Gosuke Katoh- INF, Rancho Bernardo HS
157. Michael O'Neill- OF, Michigan
158. Taylor Widener- RHP, South Aiken HS
159. Mark Ecker- RHP, O'Connor HS
160. Buck Farmer- RHP, Georgia Tech
161. Jon Keller- RHP, Tampa
162. David Gates- RHP, Howard
163. Trevor Gott- RHP, Kentucky
164. Trevin Haseltine- RHP, Will C. Wood HS
165. Joe Jimenez- RHP, PRBA
166. Devin Williams- RHP, Hazelwood West HS
167. Kacy Clemens- RHP/1B, Memorial HS
168. Jimmie Sherfy- RHP, Oregon
169. Ty Ross- C, LSU
170. Francis Christy- C, Casa Grande HS
171. Thomas Hatch- RHP, Jenks HS
172. Ian McKinney- LHP, Boone HS
173. Casey Meisner- RHP, Cypress Woods HS
174. Jeff Thompson- RHP, Louisville
175. Hunter Green- LHP, Warren East HS
176. LJ Mazzilli- 2B, UCONN
177. Josh Rogers- LHP, New Albany HS
178. Spencer Navin- C, Vanderbilty
179. Christian Arroyo- SS, Hernando HS
180. Tyler Skulina- RHP, Kent State
181. Jordan Paroubeck- OF, Serra HS
182. Matt Vogel- RHP, Patchogue Medford HS
183. Ryon Healy- 1B, Oregon
184. Jake Johansen- RHP, Dallas Baptist
185. Joey Martarano- 3B, Fruitland HS
186. Jesse Roth- RHP, Horace Mann HS
187. Matt Thaiss- C, Jackson Memorial HS
188. David Garner- RHP, Michigan State
189. Tyler Alamo- C, Cypress HS
190. Tray Roberts- OF, Aiken HS
191. Riley Unroe- SS, Desert Ridge HS
192. Tyler Linehan- LHP, Fresno State
193. CK Irby- RHP, Samford
194. Kort Peterson- OF, St. Francis HS
195. Weston Wilson-SS, Wesleyan HS
196. Keenan Kish- RHP, Florida
197. Bryce Welborn- RHP, Tomball HS
198. Taylor Blatch- RHP, Jensen Beach HS
199. Zach Farmer- LHP, Piketon HS
200. Andre Scrubbs- RHP, C.D. Hylton HS