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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top Prospect Q and A: Josh Sale

Interview with Top Prospect Josh Sale. Sale is currently the number 5 ranked player in the nation, and the number 1 outfielder in the nation, according to Baseball America. Sale has all the tools to be a power hitting corner outfielder at the Major League level. Look for a big spring from him, as he will have no problem with the pitching he faces in Washington.

Jeff Sullivan:Thanks for taking the time Josh. Congrats on signing with Gonzaga. What made you choose Gonzaga over other top schools in the country?

Josh Sale: I chose Gonzaga over other schools because first, it felt very comfortable. Second, I wanted to play somewhere where my parents would be able to see me play, they haven't missed a game in my life. Third, Gonzaga's team was young and having success and still is. Also they offered me a starting spot right away as a freshman. Lastly, they also gave me a great offer, which a lot of other places did at the same time, but Gonzaga fit the criteria I was looking for.

You come into the year ranked as the #1 HS Outfielder in the draft, how does that have an effect on your day to day life?

Getting the news, and seeing my name listed as the #1 HS OF in the draft was fun and exciting. Although, when it come's to my everyday life/school or personal life, it doesn't effect me too much. Sure there are my friends/acquaintances that bring it up in conversation, but when they do I give them an honest answer and try to be humble. (Being cocky is not a good way to make/keep friends). But probably the biggest effect it's had in my day to day life is scouts calling, and trying to schedule in-house visits around all my school work and training.

What is the transition like after playing summer ball against top pitchers in the nation on the biggest stage, and then facing high school pitchers in Washington?

Let me tell you, everything I did last summer and even the summer before that, regarding showcase's and prospect showing's was the time of my life. But what does Washington have to offer? Does it compare at all? Simply, no. I love the big time pitching, it's faster, and the game is much more advanced, which is what I love. Washington's pitching in high school is...well, terrible. It's slow, people can't throw strikes...I just don't like it. But, that said, I have to deal with it. I have to make adjustments, that's what the game is about. So for now, I live with it, and do what I can.

Between now and the draft in June, what are you trying to improve on?

Like everyone, I have my own little things that need work. Personally I believe I need to improve my entire game. I'm working on infield skills, running for my outfield game, and I'm always trying to be more consistent with hitting to be able to drive the ball anywhere with authority. Also, I'm in the gym with my workout partner's working on getting stronger and quicker to help improve my all around game.

Last question, what is your favorite team, and who is your favorite player?

Haha. Some people might hate me for this but that's ok, I don't care. But, honestly, my favorite team is the NY Yankees. Why? Because of the legacy, the dynasty, and the history that has filled that team's rosters over the years. I find it amazing! I've changed my view of my favorite player over and over because there's a lot out there that I like. That said, I'll give someone who I think is a great player, but also a great person. The attitude on and off the field, coupled with his work ethic makes this guy a great model for the game. I won't say he's my favorite but definitely someone that I look up to, and that's Derek Jeter.

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